Friday, February 17, 2012

Time spent in Toronto

Yesterday I headed down town Toronto for an adventure. I was told of a place called Blades. I was told that they sell water stones. I was told that it was easy to find. I wasn’t told that the guy that works there is so full of his self that there was hardly room for me to look at his over process stones and is lazy “Sharpening Style”

I found the location, a little whole in the wall my find of space. I went up the stares and found this little place. As I stood in the door I had my first glimpse of a man so confident in one part of his life he didn’t need to bother with any other part of his own or any one else’s.

Granted I was asked what I do, I responded by simple stating I polish steel. With that in the air he asked, what kind of steel? The carbon kind, I started at 20% carbon level. This is where he came to life. He went on to ask what kind of carbon? ...with a puzzled look I commented …you now the old school carbon, the one of a kind carbon, carbon.

He new not of forging yet he stands there pulling and pushing a small knife over a stone that has an off angle look to it. Why would he not know, doesn’t care?

I went to look at the knifes he had sharpened. A total of 3/16” to ¼” edge at best. This kid was just making money. He had found an area in which he had found comfort and was going to make his living. Is technique was sloppy, his mind filled with ego, and his work boring to look at.

I had been on a wild goose chase. What had I learnt….I am young….this is my conclusion. I couldn’t see past his ego, it had touched everything there and I wasn’t going to let it touch me.

I went there to exchange money for a water stone. Yet he was more interested in elevating his states in his own mind. I question the mind of his customers that deal with him on a regular basis…

Don’t get me wrong ego is a great tool. It is best to use at the right time, in the right way and with control. It is destructive if used at the wrong time, in the wrong way and without control.

Ego…I feel it is an important part of ones mind that needs to be understood and controlled. The affect that it can have on the world around you can be much larger than you think. It affects all that surround you, and all that surround those you affect and onward.

What can be taken form this lesson that has been written?

On a deep level for all beings…understand ego….on the surface people with ego out of control just come across as…well simply put egotistical beings….

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